Dialed Digits

About Us

Dialed Digits is a provider of managed ENUM services, providing invaluable services to education, enterprise, small/medium business, and commercial service providers. We are a member-sponsored organization that is focused on providing the best possible service and, to the extent possible, at no cost to our customers and their end users.

Dialed Digits was originally organized to address a need to map telephone-like numbers to URIs, specifically H.323 URIs to support the H.323 Global Network. As a technology, ENUM is not limited to H.323, but H.323 does represent one of the opportunities for ENUM services. While legacy H.323 equipment utilized only telephone numbers (or “dialed digits”) to make and receive voice and video calls, new H.323 equipment and networks support URI (or URL) dialing. That is, one can utilize addresses of the form h323:user@h323.net rather than a string of digits.

Dialed Digits provides the following services:

  • Allocation of private numbers for use in your network and for interconnecting with the H.323 Global Network
  • Mapping of your existing E.164 numbers to URIs (either h323, sip, acct, or other URI schemes)
  • Management of ENUM services currently operated by your organization